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I was invited to curate the retrospective exhibition of Pär Slätis. It was a pleasure going through his production, choosing which works to present from the mid 1990's until his death in 2017.

The exhibition researches identity from a queer feminist perspective. The participating artists are Snöfrid Caldeborg (SWE), Amanda Chanfreau (AX), Sanna Isabell (SWE), Mattias Olofsson (SWE), Melanie Orenius (FI), Jaakko Pallasvuo (FI), Anni Puolakka (FI) and Minna Öberg (AX).

An art exhibition with Jan Jämsén and Timo Konttinen. Jämsén displayed two installation, and I made a selection out of Konttinens vast production. In the end 174 of his paintings and drawings made the exhibition. I curated, marketed and organised the exhibition, that is going to be displayed in Ostrobothnia during 2015.

I co-curated the exhibition that researched the former art collection of Espoo, now belonging to EMMA (Espoo Museum of Modern Art). The exhibition was a collaboration between Aalto University of EMMA. I was the executive curator, responsible for the budget and directing the students.

An art exhibition with young aspiring artist from Raseborg/Raasepori. Mediums such as photography, painting and graffiti were on display. I curated the exhibition, organised finances, marketing and workshops.

Myself and Marianne Niemelä organised the practicalities for Taking Time. I was in charge of meetings, equipment and marketing.

Urban Life, Arken, 14.4-13.5.2011

My task was to arrange and hang the paintings in the exhibition space. Urban Life was the annual exhibition of the art association Konstikas in 2011.

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