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Tommi Matikka - Things I've Seen

Forum Box, 1 - 24.3

Tommi Matikkas video Things I’ve Seen is shown in the so called mediabox in Forum Box during Matti Peltokangas exhibition. The music from the video spreads out in the whole gallery, and it works very well with Peltokangas’ sculptures and installations. In fact, it gives some of the harmony to his exhibition. In Things I’ve Seen Matikka uses an interesting mixture of techniques, video and stop motion animation. To me, that is where the interesting ends in this work of art. As from a periscope he shows the archipelago, where strange things happen. Dinosaurs and pink birds come flying, ships are sinking, and a sailor is drowning. The video is perhaps funny, in a childish way, but I feel Matikka has not put any deeperr thought into it. Why he is showing these things to us, in the archipelago, through a periscope? It is a short loop of about two minutes, and I can not get to the bottom of it. Is there a bigger picture, a narrative?


Still from Things I've Seen.

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